Ken Ham’s Easy, 3-Step Guide to Spreading the Gospel and Glorifying God

ark encounter meme

A meme inspired by a comment from one of our Facebook friends. Answers in Genesis has, of course, defended this monstrous waste of Christian resources by saying — among other things — that it will be a tool for evangelism and help accomplish the great commission to “make disciples of all nations” … somehow.

I remain at a loss as to how a theme park attraction — which appeals to no one but young-earth creationists — will do anything but, you know, reaffirm the beliefs of young-earth creationists. Which is not exactly what I would call “effective evangelism.” For more of our thoughts on Ken Ham’s latest capital project, see here.

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  • Leslie Donovan

    Who needs a Step Two when you have an Ark Park? Are you INSANE? #sarcasm

  • summers-lad

    You have step 3 without step 2. Therefore a missing link. Theory disproven.

  • Angelo

    Wow you truly are An imbecile. From the “simple cell” to animals like the chameleon scientists will never be able to prove how these things were Evolved. How naive must you be to think the Bible says dinosaurs and humans lived together. I’d love to see that scripture. But I’m glad to know you think a rock from nowhere exploded and put the earth in a perfect axis and tilt and distance from the sun. Great job teaching children how that works