How the flap over Gungor shows everything that’s wrong with Ken Ham’s theology

Michael Gungor, a man Ken Ham hopes you hate.

August 12, 2014

In a stunning turn of events, something said by a well-known Christian figure caused a controversy on the Internet last week. In a completely unprecedented series of occurrences, statements made by the fantastic Christian band Gungor in 2012 were resurrected, ripped out of context and exaggerated by uber-conservative propaganda machines — er, I mean, “respected media organizations” — like World magazine and used to fan the flames of a non-existent controversy.

It was all about as unpredictable as tomorrow’s sunrise, and though my wife and I are actually big fans of Gungor’s music, it was normally not something I’d interrupt my vacation to discuss. But then, thanks to a friend on Facebook, I saw Ken Ham’s take, and I just couldn’t help myself.

Not because Ham’s perspective is anything new either. But his views and his tactics are so harmful that I can’t, in good conscience, read such a toxic diatribe submitted in the name of Christ and fail to respond. It would be like coming on the scene of a recent car wreck and refusing to pull over and help.

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