• Caleb G

    Funny, but as with most memes is too simplistic. I know that you know that our common ancestry with apes meanders through a bush pattern, not a straight line to humans. So it is not exactly true that the picture presents “what actually happened.”

    • I agree. I used the picture I did as a representation of evolution, because it is a common and recognizable illustration, but I would be the first to admit it is not accurate scientifically.

  • Jeff B

    Soon you’ll have to modify this Meme and remove the section with geneticists. They’re starting to loose their faith in evolution. And yes, I said ‘faith’. ALL geneticists know that we our human genome is not improving, but getting worse. All of them.

    • Right, I’ve seen your evidence for this. The article published 15 years ago in a small weekly newspaper by a conservative political columnist, purporting to be an interview with a scientist, but since he’s completely anonymous, he might have been misquoted, misrepresented or completely made up. I think I’ll leave the meme the way it is, but thanks for your input.

  • Andy

    That’s odd, it looks like we all evolved into Chuck Norris.

  • JET

    This is an ignorant site. God never used evolution. YEC teaches truth. You are teaching man’s fallen lies. Bill Nye is lost too.

  • JET

    Darwin’s and Hitler both racist.