Your Christmas card from GOE

A very merry Christmas, from GOE! (photo by Angelo Amboldi, via Flickr)

Well, it’s that time of year, folks. The time that bloggers across the Interwebs take a break from their weary labor of creating controversy and trying to get people to click on their stuff and, instead, take a page from their readers’ books and try spending a few moments with real humans. That time has come to GOE, as well. So, with the exception of our usual meme Friday and a very nice letter to the editor we’ll be sharing with you Saturday, don’t expect too much from us till after New Year’s.

But, before I go, I’d like to say a couple things. And, perhaps I’ve just had a bit too much nog this holiday season, but darned if we’re not feeling especially sentimental. I really want to tell all of our readers — even the ones who hate us — how much we appreciate their time and their interactions with the work on this site.

And, especially for those who like what we do here, I want you to know how very much your support has meant to me this past eight months. It’s been a frustrating project at times, but you have all helped to make it more than worth it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I’ll be sharing more details when GOE hits its first anniversary in April, but it’s been a pretty good year for this little site. Surprisingly good, in my opinion. And, on a more personal note, it’s been a good year for the Franckes, as well. We found out our family is going to get a little bigger, with our first — a little girl! — due in April.

And — after a very long process — I found a publisher for my first novel, “Reoriented.” It’s not about evolution, but it is about another contemporary issue that’s utterly tame and non-controversial on its own, and morphs into a firestorm from the depths of hell when it comes into contact with religion — particularly, the peculiarly American brand of fundamentalist evangelicalism. So, some of you might still find it interesting.

No firm release date on that yet; the digital version might come out as early as the end of January, or it might coincide with the print release, which will probably be around March. You can stay up to date with all the latest details by following the book on Facebook or Twitter.

But don’t do any of that now. It’s the day before the day before Christmas — a time for family, a time for reflection, a time for hot cocoa and amazing gingerbread houses, and — as always — a time for satire. So, by all means, don your gay (that means “festive”) apparel, make merry (not a euphenism) and have a very blessed Christmas.

We’ll see you next year.

Tyler Francke

  • Leandro Vicente

    Great blog, man! You’ve been doing a really good here 🙂 Tough!
    Have a great time with your family 😉

    • Leandro Vicente

      really good job*