The most interesting God in the world


Though we’ve had well over 150 years to get used to it, the idea of God using evolution to create makes some Christians uncomfortable, as evidenced by a Facebook user commenting on this photo this morning, who said the God of the Bible wouldn’t “introduce a system based on mutational mistakes for the creation.”

Of course, evolution is based on much more than that, but the bottom line is that none of our opinions matter when it comes to how God chose to create, and the evidence shows either that he used evolution, or went to great pains to make it look like he did. And his using evolution doesn’t contradict the biblical account unless one reads Genesis 1-3 in a way I don’t believe it was meant to be read.

One day, everything will be revealed. Until then, all we can do is make sense of the evidence as best we can. And, stay thirsty.

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  • Mr value

    Just like a 4 dimensional square is just a protruded cube from start to finish, could the way makes things in his higher dimension not be ‘God made man from the earth’ the protrusion/evolution of man from earth to homo-sapien.

    To explain, look at it as God is the Potter we are the clay (thanks Hosea). If you had an invisible potter and took snapshots of a lump of clay being moulded (with bits added on, and bits calved off during the process), would it not look like the clay lump had involved into a beautifully designed pot?

    Similarly on a micro-scale Hie moulds use in our lives too, right?

    What gensis does say is that God created each animal group seperately, not from one single organism [Geneticist Craig Venter argues that Darwins tree from a ‘single root’ is in fact more like a bush]

    I Love God and Love science.. P.s. God is a mathematician by-the-way 😉

    Holla back!

  • Kizzle

    Using evolution makes sense if you consider man was able to sacrifice animals to atone for human sins. That implies some kind of relationship between the two.