My letter to the United Methodist Church, on behalf of the Discovery Institute

The Discovery Institute (which exists to promote intelligent design and replace the U.S. government with a theocracy) is continuing its rapid descent into mad obsession with its latest campaign, urging its remaining followers to email a bunch of United Methodist Church officials and whine on its behalf.

The names and personal email addresses of five UMC officials are included in that link. Instead of listening to the rambling instructions of the ID crowd, I encourage you to do what I did: email the officials and show your support, both for their original stance and for standing firm in the face of this sad and self-serving attempt to shame and bully them.

For inspiration, here’s what I said:

umc letter 2

And in a copy-and-pastable form:

Dear United Methodist Church officials,

I got your email addresses from a Discovery Institute Web page urging me to “take action” against you and demand you overturn your “ban” disallowing them from having a merchandise table at your annual conference. Actually, I’m writing to tell you, as a non-Methodist but a fellow believer in Christ, that I support and applaud your decision. Furthermore, I urge you to stand firm in your convictions, the true word of God and the truth revealed in his creation, and to resist the Discovery Institute’s rather sad and self-serving attempt at bullying you into getting their way (or at least, getting attention).

Keep fighting the good fight,


Tyler Francke is founder of God of Evolution and author of Reoriented. He can be reached at