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"God's Not Dead" is a mixed bag, our reviewer says.

Review: ‘God’s Not Dead’ (because we made a movie about him)

Editor’s note: What follows is a review of the new Christian film, “God’s Not Dead.” It was not written by me, because I have not seen it, because I have no interest in seeing it. Based (I freely admit) on nothing more than the trailer and a few articles I’ve read about it, the movie looks like it pretty much embodies everything I find distasteful about American mainstream evangelical Christianity.

But again, I didn’t write the review. Instead, it was submitted by the very smart, very thoughtful and very reasonable David Buchanan, a Facebook fan of the site. I trust that you will appreciate his perspective.

But be warned: The following review does contain big spoilers, including the climax of the film. If you wish to see it without having the ending ruined, I’d suggest not reading any further.

The primary drama in “God’s Not Dead” arises from an atheist philosophy professor (Radisson) who demands that his students write, and sign, a statement declaring that God is dead. A Christian student (Josh) refuses and is told that he must give three lectures in defense of the reality of God.

The movie has high production values and, at several points, you feel like you are on a college campus (it appears to be LSU). The acting for some of the main characters (the professor, the student and a pastor) is generally good. Continue reading