Support for ‘Genesis in 3D’ surprises even lower life forms

genesis movie meme

I checked out the Indiegogo page for the new Creation Today/Answers in Genesis pet project, “Genesis in 3D,” and was disappointed, but not overly surprised, to learn that the Christian movie that blatantly misrepresents the gospel is garnering hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. In my opinion, such a turn of events wasn’t really unexpected, considering that nearly half of all adults in this country still believe humans were specially created in their present form less than 10,000 years ago. But when this tarsier heard the news, he was shocked.

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  • You banged heads with him a year before I did. I had used Megalodon to refute the young earth argument putting him in the water with Noah’s ark. I would say, “if you say the earth is young then you would have the fossil relative of the modern day great white in the water. Imagine the elephant falling out of the ark with this shark in the water.” I pulled this on a comment with a preacher trying to refute old earth
    creationism and theistic evolution. I would ask him “how do you explain megalodon if you have a young earth belief.”