Reward: Lost salvation, answers to Rover

A recent comment on our Facebook page offers a great reminder.

great comment

We’ve grappled before with the weighty subject of whether acceptance of evolution is a salvation issue (it totally, completely, 100-percent is not).

Meanwhile, our own Phil Ledgerwood has explained why this myth persists anyway, by lampooning Answers in Genesis’ take on the subject in his satirical piece about Jesus Vinism™:

I’m not trying to say that the Vininity of Christ is a salvation issue, but I am saying that if you don’t believe the literal truth of God’s Word, then you are probably going to Hell.

Swap out the vine thing with “evolution,” and you’ve got Ken Ham’s perspective in a nutshell.

Tyler Francke is founder of God of Evolution and author of Reoriented. He can be reached at

  • I think the fact that people think of salvation as an item or a status is 90% of the problem right there.

    • Yup. On Facebook this chucklehead came back and is still trying to argue his point. It’s quite humorous.