Ray Comfort and the Jesus of the Gaps

Jesus of the gaps

In Comfort’s latest film, “Evolution vs. God,” he goes up to a bunch of people and demands “observable evidence” of macro-evolution. Not fossils. Not genetics. He wants a time lapse video of a population of fish turning into birds before his eyes (never mind the fact that such a video would actually falsify the theory of evolution as we know it). When no one is able to satisfy his contrived and ridiculous criteria, he immediately proceeds to present a basic gospel message — that we are all sinners, freely offered redemption by the grace of God in Christ.

We have dubbed this technique the “Jesus of the gaps” argument. We find it even more sinister than the better-known “God of the gaps,” because the same fate that awaits the God of the gaps — that he becomes smaller and smaller every time a “gap” in our knowledge gets filled in — will also befall the Jesus of the gaps. And when Darwin’s theory is vindicated beyond any possible doubt, what then? Well, the Jesus of the gaps would disappear completely, and humanity would be left entirely without hope.

Don’t let that happen, brothers and sisters. Just say NO to the Jesus of the gaps.

Read our full review of Comfort’s movie: http://wp.me/p3nc5d-oB.

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  • David_Evans

    Time lapse is the work of the Devil. As is video, come to that. He wants to see it happen with his unaided eyes, in real time. Then he would probably say “But they’re still vertebrates”

    • I imagine he could see a population of bacteria evolve into a hippo before his eyes and would say, “But they’re still carbon-based.”