A meme about what Ken Ham thinks ‘biblical’ means

ark meme

A meme by one of our readers, who submits his work pseudonymously as “Bryce Johansen,” pointing out the glaring inconsistency of Ken Ham decrying modern geology and evolution as “unbiblical,” while having no problem with wasting $70 million on the construction of a useless boat-building filled with unscientific nonsense, a supposedly “evangelistic” endeavor … which appeals only to people who are already Christians.

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  • David_Evans

    I’m not sure it appeals only to people who are already Christians. I’m an atheist, but if it were near me I would probably go see it, just out of curiosity about how they explained the various improbabilities in the story.

    • Good point; that’s fair. But even if you did go to see it, it would be out of a sense of morbid curiosity, with little to no chance that its childish, guilt-ridden arguments would persuade you to their point of view, yes? That’s what we’re really getting at here: Sure, they might attract the occasional non-Christian, but their ostensible “mission” of this project — to evangelize to non-believers — has absolutely no chance of being accomplished this way.

      • David_Evans

        Well, of course I don’t think they will persuade me to their point of view. But I have heard of evolution deniers being led to change their minds by visits to a real museum, so maybe I shouldn’t be too dogmatic about it.

        • Well, yeah, but real museums present facts and evidence and, you know, actual science. All the Creation Museum and its associated properties has is shallow rhetoric and highly misleading and cherry-picked interpretations of a few biblical proof-texts.

          • David_Evans