It’s time to broaden the voice of GOE

Today is an exciting day.

Readers of this blog have probably noticed a marked reduction in my updates to this beloved site. There are many reasons for this (a certain 2-year-old girl and 3-month-old boy at home being two of the main ones), and I won’t bore you with detailing them.

What I can say is that my recent decline in output is not because I am any less certain in my views about Genesis and evolution, or the need for those views to be fairly and winsomely presented in the public sphere. If anything, that conviction has only grown stronger.

In the past several years that I have been blessed with this site, easily the most gratifying aspect of the journey has been the opportunity to connect with countless believers all over the world, many of whom share my views of the grand story of our biological heritage and the wondrous creation accounts of scripture. In just three short years, I have watched God of Evolution blossom from a small personal blog into a true community that, for too long, has been without a voice in the evangelical and greater Christian population.

What is exciting about today is that it represents, I hope, the next step in our evolution — heh — as a community and as the church.

In short, I am seeking to broaden the voice of GOE, where anyone can submit content directly to the main site. Whether it be your testimony or another personal story, thoughts on science or scripture, reaction to a relevant news story, or just a funny meme or two, this is where your voice can be heard, where you can connect with folks who share your passion for truth.

While I will continue to write myself, as time and inclination allows, I hope this transition will eventually result in me taking the role of editor rather than lead contributor. While I have loved having the chance to share what I believe in and why, I have loved hearing from you even more, and I think it is more of the latter that is needed right now.

If you’re ready to get started, click over to our brand-new Write page, or use the form below. And, as always, you can email me with any questions or comments you may have.

I can’t wait to see what you have to say.

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Tyler Francke is founder of God of Evolution and author of Reoriented. He can be reached at

  • myklc

    Wow! A truly courageous step, Tyler. I hope you have some kind of ferocious vetting process in place between posting and public access.
    God bless you and your family, kids are great, the pain is temporary.

    • Thanks 🙂 And yes, there will be a vetting process, don’t worry!

  • Seth

    Looking forward to it. Will we still get email notifications for new posts?

    • Yep. They will show up just like regular posts, after they’ve been screened.

  • I don’t see a line for a name… Do you intend to post these all as ‘guest’ posts or have recurring posts by authors who prove themselves? Should we just include a real name and/or username at the end of the post? Or does WordPress figure it out if we’re logged into WordPress or Disqus?

    • Was having some difficulty with that, but the name field should appear now. There is supposed to be some compatibility with the plugin so that it would recognize if you’re logged into WordPress, but that appears to have been malfunctioning. I’ve just turned it off for now. But you should be able to enter your name manually.

      And yeah, I’d like to eventually cultivate a roster of some regular contributors. I think that’d be awesome.

  • Jordan Olinski

    Would we be allowed to post an article both to your site and our personal blogs?