• Dylan

    People should learn better than to try and mess with you.

    • He should have taken a page from the book of Ken Ham, et al. 😉

  • Elijah Olson

    Great interaction

  • Alan Christensen

    I don’t get what creationists think is so persuasive about the “DNA is information” argument. DNA is not only copied, it’s altered whenever organisms reproduce sexually. Which is a big part of what makes evolution happen.

    • Yeah, no kidding. Without the ability to replicate and transfer DNA through reproduction, especially sexual reproduction as you mention, evolution would be impossible. I think this is just an example of young-earthers getting their arguments confused. The “DNA is information” argument is more an argument against atheism or materialism, not the theory of evolution alone and certainly not evolution in a Christian context.

      • Alan Christensen

        That kind of makes sense.

  • What is this “Law of information”? But I suspect if they call something a “law”, they think that makes it true. Anyway, the rain was a great example, and as I write a counterblast to the Centre for Intelligent Design for the Scottish Parliament (see http://wp.me/p21T1L-jf ) I envy you your patience.

      • Or the Law of Biogenesis (or is it Abiogenesis), which says that if Pasteur didn’t see it,it didn’t ever happen. Anyway, if DNA is information, mutated DNA is new information, and duplicated and then mutated DNA is additional information. Which is roughly how it all happens.

  • Luke DeLorimiere

    I think a lot of times when people are unwilling to give up certain views, it’s because they’re afraid of the ramifications. For example I’d guess that this guy is afraid of what the bible would mean if God did create the world through evolution. He’s afraid of saying that one part of the bible might be a symbol or story to help us understand God’s nature, and not a completly acurate historical account of creation. He’s afraid of the implication of that. And I think that’s ok. I think my comment to him would be, why are you trying to limit God? There’s no need to fear, God created you with a brain and free will. Don’t be afraid to explore your faith and the origins of the bible. God is big enough to handle your fear and doubt.

    • I agree with you, Luke, and I appreciate your gracious response.

      • Luke DeLorimiere

        Thank’s for all that you do, keep it up.

    • summers-lad

      I discovered GOE fairly recently and am exploring it as time permits, hence the lateness of my reply. Let us assume that the person Tyler was debating with is not an employee of AiG or any other creationist organisation, but is simply a sincere Christian who believes that by defending YEC he/she is defending the Bible and the Gospel. I know people like that and I guess you do to. Where is the fear? You say he is afraid of the implications. Given that Tyler is not attacking the Bible but expounding it more deeply, and indeed is undermining one of the reasons many people have for rejecting Christianity, what are these implications? I’m puzzled, so I would like to know what you think “the Bible would mean” that people such as this YEC-supporter would find so threatening. In my experience, many believers find it liberating when the “obstacle” of the faith/science conflict is removed.
      I totally agree that “God is big enough to handle your fear and doubt” and I would be interested in your views.

  • Daniel Jeskey

    You missed something, Tyler. A toothpick comes from a tree, which evolved from earlier plant life 😉

  • humeston

    To be a young earth creationist requires too much work. You
    have to assume that either the billions of galaxies out there are all within
    6,000 years of us, which would make us toast, or that God created the light
    from the galaxies already in transit.

    You must also assume God created the Earth to look old when it was not, showing God to be either a liar or a prankster! Being a Young Earth Creationist requires too much manipulation of reality. It is too hard.

    With that said, I wonder if there is some way we can engage
    them in civilized intelligent debate, without ridiculing each other? Two sides
    screaming back and forth at each other won’t accomplish anything. And having
    that debate is vitally important, as more and more people are avoiding anything
    that smells like faith because of the false man-made doctrines that are just
    out of sync with God’s reality.

    Young people especially, won’t put up with a Jerry Lewis God.

    • I had also picked them apart — Tyler saw the now controversial photograph where I asked Hovind to challenge photographic evidence. Here’s Eric Hovind’s defense — 2 + 2 = 4, to a young earth creationist when it comes to science it’s 2 + 2 = 5, and they accuse those who study science and Philosophy of dabbling in the black arts. I got called an Occultist and a blasphemer by one of Hovind’s mindless followers — they just believe very word they are told and no critical thinking involved.

  • Dylan Cook

    Well, man can lie, but the universe always told the truth. God tells the truth.

    Put that quote online.