Facebook fun with Ken Ham and his young-earth creationist friends

Ken Ham (public domain)

The Internet is a strange, unpredictable beast (most likely because we humans are strange, unpredictable creatures). Running a website, you get a keen sense of that. I can spend a couple hours working on a thoughtful article, only to see it absolutely get its sorry rear end handed to it in the pageview department by a satirical bit comparing Ken Ham to Batman that I wrote in a few minutes.

Oh, but that’s not all, friends. You see, this little post attracted the attention of the great K-Ham himself, who posted it on his Facebook page the next morning, driving even more traffic to my blog (thanks, buddy!).

To say I was honored would be an understatement, of course, and I looked forward to a rousing discussion of the scientific merits of evolutionary theory, as well as the various ways it can perfectly complement a biblical worldview. Alas, it was not to be: My polite attempts to respond to the criticism of me by K-Ham’s followers were promptly deleted and I was thenceforth banned from the enlightened forum.

The level of shame and embarrassment I felt was such that I hadn’t experienced since being turned away from the cool kids’ table at lunchtime back in seventh grade. But once I managed to recover from the painful ordeal, my therapist advised that I seek closure by posting the full exchange here for your reading pleasure. I took the liberty of recreating a couple of my deleted comments and writing a whole lot more (they’re in green).

It’s a pretty long thread, so feel free to consult the following quick-reference guide for a short list of the things my brothers and sisters in Christ accuse me of being:

— an atheist (several times)
— a secular humanist
— a moral relativist
— a false teacher
— a servant of Satan
— a “tare” (so, basically, a child of Satan)
— someone on the verge of coming to the only Truth that will set me free
— someone without God evident in his life
— immature, condescending and palpably snarky (that last one’s probably fair)
— someone who needs to grow up

Now, that’s how you embody the principles of Romans 14, wouldn’t you say?

Ken Ham Facebook post with comments

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Tyler Francke

  • Zachary Lawson

    Awwww, my comment didn’t show up 🙁

    • Thanks a lot, bro, but it’s no big deal. I wouldn’t have gotten into this snake pit if I couldn’t take a little chiding from the young-earthers 🙂

  • Hey, Tyler! After reading the above interchange, I have one question: Are you sure you’re not an atheist? All of these fine folk seem to think you are and I can’t imagine Ken Ham’s followers accusing you falsely. Wassup with that?

    • LOL. They generally are quite insightful. Perhaps I should consider re-evaluating my religious views status on Facebook.

  • Sherry McCameron Peyton

    I used to go to Catholic Answers to argue with the extreme right wing there (some of whom are creationists as well, because “the church allows it”). It gets you banned eventually because they will not put up with opposition–you just might convince someone–that would be Satan of course. These people in the end make my head ache. So much blatant denialism of reality, yet if you read Jonathan Haidt’s book on the “The Righteous Mind” you pretty much know it is a lost cost.

    • Hey Sherry, thanks for reading! That’s an interesting perspective; it seems like people generally think Catholics are a lot less prone to the YEC syndrome (far less so than their Protestant brethren anyway, especially evangelicals). That sounds like an interesting book; I’ll have to look it up sometime.

  • Joshua Laflin

    One serious thing of note in a majority of these comments is that they somehow separate Jesus as the “living word” and the Bible as the “Word”–then they worship the latter, often missing the point of the prior.

    • Yeah, I get that feeling sometimes, too. As I’ve said in a prior post, I believe the Bible is very important for Christians because we believe it is the most reliable witness we have to the nature and actions of God as well as his relationship with human beings. But it is not God himself, only a road marker. As such, I don’t believe there will be Bibles in heaven; we’ll have no need for them anymore when the true “living word” is before our eyes.

  • Loads of people criticize the Mormons, guess they must be doing the right thing… I’ve known people follow people like Ray and Ham and then warn me not to go with what appears popular…

    • Right, and Westboro church, which is almost universally reviled, must be the most correct out of all of us, right? 😉

      • I’m sure there’s a church with a membership even smaller and more hateful… Thank God it’s about Christ and not us right?

  • One of the commenters (Bill Weaver, June 12) said:

    Keep doing the work of The Lord Ken.

    That sentence is missing a comma to separate the noun of direct address. Then again…

  • Ian Fraser

    Hello Tyler. I got banned too! Does it bother me? No! Ken Ham is adoofus and creationists are numpties. They are not remotely interested in learned debate or discussion. Don’t sweat it. The only reason to take action against them is if and when they indoctrinate young minds.

    • I agree. I don’t let it bother me, but I appreciate the comment. Thanks, Ian!

  • Mortification240

    “Your mom is called into question” I died from laughter, good God.

  • Dylan Cook

    Here’s what I think of Young Earthers.

    1. someone who misleads people
    2. someone without God evident in his or her life, but thinks He is
    3. impossibly immature, unwilling to give a direct answer
    4. a servant and a member of a cult in disguise
    5. not a Christian, Jew or Muslim whatsoever
    6. an ignorant buffoon so stubborn that he or she ignores the truth
    7. a tool of evil

  • When I made an appearance on Creation Science Evangelism it turned into a full on f-bombed flamewar with King James Only scripture spouting trying to call me a liar when I had explained the real era of the dinosaur and when man really appeared. Eric Hovind’s Independent Baptist faithful were trying to hammer into me as my mental illustrations were getting a little darker as I pulled out the ancient cousin of the great white. I torqued them when I explained that human-dinosaur co-existence would look more like the sci-fi horror film Carnosaur than The Flintstones.

    I got a few “f**k you” responses over that one. I had seen a young earth creationist get really pissed off at me when I explained to him that he never studied human history from his homeschooled background. Young Earth Creationists are mocking Col 2:8 when an old earth creationist or theistic evolutionist is showing them the truth in science as they took Proverbs 18:15 to heart. You can use this on Ken Ham, “Watch out, so that no one will take you captive by means of philosophy and empty deceit, following human tradition which accords with the elemental spirits of the world but does not accord with the Messiah.”

    I understood theistic evolution because it is an applied practice of philosophy of religion and philosophy of science. I studied creation myths when I was in college as Pandora’s Box was the Ancient Greek creation myth. When I examined the King James Only Movement I concluded the blog entry saying I opened Pandora’s Box. When I first became a Christian I saw God as sitting back and allowing evolution to play its part.

    When I laid into Eric Hovind the entire heavy metal community was watching and dropped their jaws — the Christians were saying, “what just happened here. Is this guy a Christian — he just took a bunch of young earth creationists to school.” I had faced down Satanists without the support of a church. I got a few atheists cracking up at the allegorical illustrations of human and dinosaur looking more like Carnosaur as they didn’t think anything of it before.

    I found this article via a young earth creationist site trying to refute Christians who are evolutionists. I got flack from churches because of my rational and philosophical approach to my faith as I was a little bit of a religious skeptic when I seen people slain in the ghost and speaking in tongues. The Biblical Literallism is part of the reason why I walked away from the church and almost gave up on Christianity all together. Rational Faith’s blog speaks of Intelligent Design’s blindside as this was attempted to be introduced when I was in high school (at the time I was an atheist.)

    When I was on Victoria Jackson’s facebook she had a graphic showing evolution and a parody of Evolution of man walking to the cross. I went, “Victoria, wait a minute there is something in between those two views. Educate yourself on philosophy and science without the Baptist prejudice.” Ty you would have to debunk psuedohistory claims as well as psuedoscience. Wikipedia speaks about Baptist Psuedohistory teachings as its similar to the Latter Day Saints. I got in a world of fecal matter when I would question a youth pastor’s educational background as he had no college classes as I had came away with a few college text books. This was before I debated Bannana Man.