Friday Fun: Chick magnets, ark lawsuits and more

It’s Friday. You made it another seven days. Congratulations! Time for our light-hearted round-up of this week’s evolution+Christianity-related news events.

New meme

No Friday Fun post would be complete without unveiling our newest meme, so I’ll start with that.


Since my “10 theological questions” post, I’ve been able to engage in a number of conversations with young-earth creationist believers that I think have been pleasant and effective (and I’ve also declined to engage in one that I’m sure would have been neither of those things).

But there were a couple responses I got that bothered me. One was in answer to the contradictions between Genesis 1 and 2, and one was in response to the “starlight problem,” which I presented as evidence the universe is old. Though the questions were very different, the two responses were the same: a flat-out denial that the problems exist, without the slightest attempt to confront the fairly strong evidence that, well, yes, they do.

“There are no contradictions.” “There is no starlight problem.” Period. No muss, no fuss.

Very frustrating, as you can probably imagine. Consider this meme my closing remark to these folks.

As I’ve noted before, we Christians don’t have the option of simply ignoring the evidence in the natural world (or in the case of young-earth creationism, the theological and biblical evidence that contradicts this view) if we really hope to reach the world with the good news of Jesus.

You’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own reality. That, we have to share.

Return of the Chick Magnet


As you know, Jack T. Chick is God’s gift to the evangelical church, the world’s premier theologian, philosopher and communicator. He produces what are ostensibly tracts — you know, those little religious pamphlets which are, in Christian usage, supposed to share the gospel.

Only, Chick’s version are really more like what would have happened if Hitler or the Unabomber had written their manifestos about pettier things (like Freemasonry or Dungeons & Dragons) and had also been bad cartoonists. Basically, he makes Ken Ham look like an open-minded moderate.

Anyway, the Chick Magnet is getting up there in age (Wikipedia says he’s 91), so his output of new work hasn’t been as robust as it used to be. But this week, he released not one, but two, new comics. And one of them was about evolution!

Evolution is one of Jack Chick’s favorite subjects, and he’s always right on target (I forgot to mention earlier, in addition to being a theologian and philosopher extraordinaire, he’s also a world-class science expert and educator). Anyway, I know that joy and wild excitement is coursing through your heart right now, so without any further ado, I direct you to the Magnet’s newest masterpiece, “And It Was Good!”

Unfortunately, this little comic really only contains the standard literalist take on Genesis 1-2, touching just briefly on evolution, and doesn’t really delve into the wonders of Chick’s mind like “Big Daddy?” But it will have to do.

Make sure you buy a lot for your church so you can completely ruin the effectiveness of its gospel presentation.

Ark-load of litigation continuing

Hey, speaking of things that wreck the church’s ministry and witness to the world, Answers in Genesis’ unbiblical, self-centered and recklessly ill-advised lawsuit against the state of Kentucky and several of its officials continues to slog forward amidst a flood of new pleadings and filings.

The first hearing was held in the case in U.S. district court this week, and a number of media outlets in Kentucky have reported on it. It looks like the lawyers for both sides pretty much just reiterated what we’ve always known their positions to be. In the case of the state, it’s “They’re free to build their religious outreach, but the Constitution doesn’t allow us to let tax dollars fund it,” and in the case of AiG, it’s “We can do whatever we want because we’re special, and also God and Bible.”

But if you want to see it in their own words, here’s a link to the Courier-Journal’s write-up (it will probably make you answer some stupid question to keep reading — sorry about that). Also, see GOE’s still-very-relevant post from last year, “What Ken Ham’s ‘Ark Encounter’ money could buy instead.”

If only…

Don’t miss Peter Enns’ recent post, “The Historical Adam: It’s Time to Stop Hiding under a Theological Security Blanket.” If only this guy had the following and resources of the likes of AiG and the Institute for Creation Research, the American church would be in such a healthier place.

Just because yes

Because it is hilarious, and “Jurassic World” is awesome, and also just because.

Woo hoo!


And finally, a blog milestone. (That’s what that picture is. A milestone. In Madagascar.) We received our 4,000th comment on GOE this week! That’s a big deal, because it means that not only are people reading about the very important perspective we share, but they’re also engaging with it, either to offer support or challenge us, as iron sharpens iron.

… OK, most of the time people are commenting because they’re atheists who think I’m stupid for being a Christian, or Christians who think I’m stupid for agreeing with the vast scientific consensus that the earth is old and evolution is a real thing that happened.

But still, it’s an achievement and stuff.

Tyler Francke is founder of God of Evolution and author of Reoriented. He can be reached at