We discuss a lot of different topics on this blog, from current events, to being banned from Ken Ham’s Facebook page, to the forced copulation of juvenile harbor seals by adult sea otters. So, as a service to our readers and especially those who are seeking to understand the truth about evolution and how the Christian faith can be compatible with it, we’ve assembled some of our best work here, organized by the “big questions” that they attempt to address.

The Bible and evolution
As different as morning and evening: Genesis 1 and 2 contradictions
How to use the Bible to disprove just about anything
The strongest biblical evidence for young-earth creationism, refuted
When biblical literalists aren’t really biblical literalists
Did Jesus believe in a six-day creation and a literal Adam?
Now who’s taking scripture out of context? Romans 8: Not about sin
How biblical literalism relates to telling children where babies come from
If you can read, you can understand Genesis, right?
Biologist Ken Miller weighs in on scripture, literalism and the Bible’s ‘sexy love poem’

The existence of pain, suffering and death
Is evolution unworthy of the God of the Bible and the Christian faith?
Are death, suffering, pain and disease ‘very good’?
Otters do terrible things to baby seals, and it’s not God’s fault
Were all animals vegetarians before the fall of man?

Christian theology and evolution
Dear atheist friends: Stop saying Christianity and evolution are incompatible
Creation Today and Answers in Genesis get the gospel wrong, in three dimensions
Is evolution a ‘salvation issue’? The Bible is clear, despite YECs’ attempts to muddy its message
Soul-searching: In light of evolution, where did the soul come from?

Young-earth creationism
3 seriously bad theological implications of young-earth creationism
Theory of evolution disproven by video posted on Facebook
How Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis could prove they’re right (and why they won’t do it)
What Ken Ham’s ‘Ark Encounter’ money could buy instead
How the flap over Gungor shows everything that’s wrong with Ken Ham’s theology
Intolerant YEC organization viciously attacks reasonable public policy
YEC not just a rejection of evolution, but ‘everything we know about science’
The absolute craziest thing that young-earth creationist groups believe

Intelligent design
Ken Miller calls intelligent design ‘a negation of everything science stands for’
Dispelled: No Integrity (or Honesty) Allowed
‘Evolution vs. God’ denigrates science using technology that science makes possible

Theistic evolution
I’m disappointed in you, BioLogos
The faith card: ‘I know evolution isn’t true because I’m a better Christian that you are’
Is theistic evolution incoherent?

“Weaknesses” of evolutionary theory
The top 10 signs that you don’t understand evolution at all
Ken Miller: Evolution ‘as much a fact as anything we know in science’
4 reasons why I don’t believe in marathons
A meme about fish still being fish
How much evolution is too much evolution?
Confronting the specter of the ‘mutated goo’ argument

History of Christianity and science
YEC movement, unlike the earth, is very, very young
Christians and science: We belong together
Have there always been ‘no theists allowed’ in Darwin’s evolutionary clubhouse?

The Bill Nye-Ken Ham “debate” (Feb. 4, 2014)
Why Bill Nye’s debate with young-earth creationist Ken Ham is probably a mistake
Ken Ham has got ‘a problem with the Bible’
Why Ken Ham’s scientific defense of young-earth creationism just doesn’t make any sense
No, Ken Ham, Darwin was not a racist
A meme about the #HamonNye debate