Announcement: Unveiling The GOE Store

Announcing The GOE Store!

Over the past few months, I’ve occasionally had readers contact me and ask if our site accepts donations. I appreciate this, of course, because it shows how supportive they are of the work that’s done here and of our mission to disentangle the gospel message from the anti-science agenda of the young-earth creationists.

But I always tell them no. For one thing, I wouldn’t know the first thing as to how to go about incorporating a nonprofit, but more importantly, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable accepting donations for something I feel called to do, something I enjoy doing and something I’d already be doing with or without the money.

The idea of a store has always held more appeal to me, however. I like the notion of getting something cool in exchange for supporting a cause you care about. And people have different tastes. Some people want to read in-depth theological treatises about evolution and the proper cultural context in which one should read the book of Genesis, and they want to put that knowledge to good use in long, detailed conversations and debates; some people just want to wear a fun T-shirt.

So it is with all that in mind that we announce the launch today of The God of Evolution Store (which you can also access via the new tab on our main menu). This first incarnation is being hosted by CafePress, an online retailer of custom-made goods that I’ve personally used in the past for a variety of gift items and always been satisfied with. They offer an incredibly diverse range of products, and we’ll receive a percentage of each item sold without having to pay any up-front costs.

The goal is to get our feet wet, basically. We want to find out what items and designs you guys like best, in order to cultivate a small but strong product line while keeping our overhead low. Eventually, we’d like to fully integrate the store with our website, but in the meantime, please browse the selection we currently have and let me know what you think.

What I hope to offer customers is an opportunity for them to share what they believe about both science and scripture in an engaging way, and hopefully, to spark some dialogue in that regard. Any thoughts or suggestions you might have, especially regarding slogans or designs or anything else you’d like to see, would be most welcome.

Thanks so much for reading and for your continued support!

Tyler Francke