A meme about Ken Ham and the “Ancient Aliens” guy

See “Ken Ham tells the truth” for the specifics on this, and “Young-earth creationist Ken Ham caught fibbing once again” for some of the peculiar inconsistencies in Ham’s views in general.

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  • Yewnique

    I’ve known belief in YEC to be a salvation issue for a long time. No one in the YEC camp will come right out to say it; it is just quietly understood to be as such.

    “It is not a salvation issue in that one must believe in it to be saved. However, it is a salvation issue in that rejecting it could cause someone to fall away.”

    My favourite happens to be what someone said to my face: “I know I said earlier that it is not a salvation issue. I’ve had time to think it over and now I believe that it IS a salvation issue after all.”

    I’ve just found your blog (someone linked it on FB) and I’m following with great interest!

    • Awesome, Yewnique! Great to meet you, and thanks for reading and for all the comments!